Three years after Operation Protective Edge, an IDF soldier who fought in Gaza and lost friends tells the truth about Israel’s war with Hamas.

Those who were in Israel during the summer of 2014, when Hamas was attacking Israel continuously with rockets – not only aimed at the South, but throughout the country – understand why the IDF had no choice but to launch Operation Protective Edge and fight to protect the men, women and children living in the Jewish state.

An IDF soldier who served on the front lines in Gaza as a tanker describes his feelings during the dangerous confrontation with brutal Hamas terrorists and how he and his comrades dealt with their situation, both physically and emotionally. As he explains, they’re only human.

He also discusses the anti-Israel bias of the media. IDF soldiers were trying not to harm innocent people while Hamas was endangering Palestinian civilians to enhance their attacks on the Jewish state.

Watch and learn the truth. As this soldier sayd, “If you’re on the side of human rights, stand with Israel!”

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