When a young victim of the terror attacks in Mumbai, India is greeted by that nation’s prime minister during his visit to Israel, both find themselves receiving a big surprise.

Moshe Holtzberg was just two years old when terrorists launched a series of attacks in the city of Mumbai in November of 2008, leaving 166 people dead. Victims included both of Moshe’s parents, who were operating a religious center for Jewish travelers under the auspices of Chabad-Lubavitch.

Moshe was saved by the courageous act of Sandra Samuel, his Indian caretaker, who risked her life as she came out of her hiding spot to scoop up young Moshe before running to safety.

Out of this tragedy grew an ever-closer bond between Moshe and Sandra, who moved to Israel to raise him together with his grandparents. The bond between Moshe and the nation of India has also grown.

Watch to see how this extraordinary tale continues to develop when the prime minister of India, on his first trip to the Holy Land, seeks out the now 11-year-old Moshe only to be surprised by Moshe’s future plans. Moshe also gets a big surprise himself.