UAE politician Ahmed Al-Jarwan (YouTube Screenshot) (YouTube Screenshot)
UAE politician Ahmed Al-Jarwan

A UAE politician praised normalization with Israel and condemned the real causes of conflict in the Middle East.

During an interview, UAE politician Ahmed Al-Jarwan, the president of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, praised normalization with Israel.

In the same interview, he condemned the Muslim Brotherhood, the Houthis, Hizbullah, and Iran. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a harmful extremist group, that the Houthis tarnish the name of Islam, that Hezbollah is hijacking Lebanon, and that the Arabs don’t have a problem with the Shi’ites or Iran, but with the Iranian ruling system and the IRGC.

In addition, he said that while in the past, Egypt was the only Arab country that could help the Palestinians negotiate with Israel, there are now five such countries that have normalized relations with Israel.