Houthi terrorists pretend to launch a missile at Israel in a propaganda video. (screenshot) screenshot

“Death to Israel! Death to America! Cursed be the Jews! Victory for Islam!” chant Tehran-backed Houthi terrorists in a newly released video with Hebrew subtitles.

In a recently released video produced by the Houthi rebels in Yemem, an Islamic terror group backed by Iran, an ominous voice declares that missiles will be shot from Yemen at the Jewish state. They even went to the trouble of adding Hebrew subtitles so Israelis could clearly understand their malicious and murderous intentions.

The video’s song features a chorus with the phrase, “Oh Arabs of the Jews, this is part of the promise for the future that is not distant. The Quds [missile] is being prepared to be launched towards Jerusalem…there is more to come!” Men can be heard chanting, “Death to America! Death to Israel! Cursed be the Jews! Victory for Islam!” as the video ends