An Israeli strike on Iranian targets in Syria. (Syrian Central Military Media, via AP) (Syrian Central Military Media, via AP)
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Iran launched 20 rockets from Syria at Israel, with several reportedly intercepted by the Iron Dome.

The IDF defense systems identified approximately 20 rockets launched by the Iranian Quds forces at IDF forward posts in the Golan Heights. A number of rockets were intercepted by the IDF’s Iron Dome defense system. No injuries were reported.

In response, the IDF attacked dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force in Syrian territory using IAF fighter jets.

Iran just attacked Israel. Where is the world’s outrage?

Watch the barrage of rockets for yourself!

BREAKING VIDEO: Iran attacks Israel

BREAKING: Iran just launched 20 rockets from Syria at Israel. Reports that several were intercepted by the Iron Dome.Iran just attacked Israel. Israel needs your help. All donations to Israel's defense TRIPLED:

Posted by The Israel Project on Wednesday, May 9, 2018