UNIFIL forces in Lebanon. (Screenshot) Screenshot

While the United Nations says they are “hopeful” that calm has returned to the border between Israel and Lebanon, the IDF continues to reveal disturbing evidence of Hezbollah’s ongoing efforts to destroy the Jewish state.

Following last week’s attack by the Hezbollah terror group on targets within Israeli territory, the United Nations’ peacekeeping force UNIFIL appears to have returned to business as usual in the area, announcing they are “hopeful that they can maintain the fragile pause in hostilities.”

Meanwhile, the IDF revealed satellite images of a Hezbollah precision missile factory, which directly contradicts statements made by the terror group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, that there are no such facilities.

Is the U.N.’s assessment of calm along the border correct, or is Hezbollah ust biding its time before it launches another attack on the Jewish state?