Danny Danon. (screenshot) screenshot
Danny Danon. (screenshot)

Speaking in front of the notoriously anti-Israel United Nations, Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon presented an irrefutable case against Palestinian terror and the nations around the world that support it.

While the U.N. promotes a blatantly pro-Palestinian agenda, frequently vilifying the Jewish state while giving the world’s worst human rights violators a free pass, Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon fought the lies recently with the light of truth.

Among the indisputable facts that Danon explains is that that Yassar Arafat formed an organization in 1964 to “liberate Palestine,” which was three years before so-called “occupation” of Judea and Samaria began that Palestinians now disingenuously claim is at the root of their conflict with Israel.

“What did they want to ‘liberate’ in 1964?” Danon feigns wonder at, knowing full well that the PLO’s concept of “liberation” means erasing Israel from the map and replacing it with a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea,” as the infamous anti-Israel chant goes.