Muslim aggression on the Temple Mount reached new heights on Monday when an Arab women assaulted an Israeli Member of the Knesset visiting the Holy Site. Have the recent inflammatory comments by PA head Abbas incited this latest incident?  

MK Moalem at the Knesset. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

MK Moalem at the Knesset. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Member of Knesset Shuli Moalem-Rephaeli was assaulted Monday morning by Muslim women as she went to tour the Temple Mount.

A crowd of screaming women surrounded her and shrieked “Allah Akbar” as she moved through the holy site. One woman physically assaulted her and was arrested by the police. Moalem was unharmed.

She subsequently logged complaints with the police and with Knesset security.
A police spokesman announced following the incident that they would “show zero tolerance, will not allow acts of violence against visitors to the Mount and will stop anyone behaving violently.”

Moalem responded to attack by stating: “This morning, when I went up to the Har Habayit (Temple Mount), Muslim women attacked me with pushes and cries of ‘Allah Akbar.’ They were not expressing concern for the wellbeing of Yehuda Glick. No one will take away my basic democratic right to ascend to the Temple Mount, definitely not with violence.”

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A Focal Point of Muslim Violence

The Temple Mount has been the focal point of Muslim violence for the past several months. Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas has been inciting the Palestinians, falsely claiming that Israel is trying to overtake the Temple Mount and oust the Muslims. The wave of violence culminated last Wednesday with an assassination attempt by an Islamic Jihad terrorist on the life of Yehuda Glick, a rabbi passionate about establishing equal rights to the Temple Mount.

How You Can Help Jerusalem

Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem, its capital, has come under heavy attack in past weeks. We need to stand together and show the world that Jerusalem is not some bargaining chip in border negotiations or a rally point for terrorists. It is a Holy City meant to provide a beacon of light to all nations, under the care of Israel. Help us ensure that Jerusalem stays unified. Click here to sign the Jerusalem Declaration.

Author: Aryeh Savir
Staff Writer, United with Israel