StandWithUs interns left to right: Meshi Ben Ezri, Michaela Pelta, Danielle York, Kian Mirshokri (StandWithUS/Screenshot) StandWithUS/Screenshot

Fed up with anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitic abuse, these students aren’t going to take it anymore!

A brave group of high school students in California recently spoke out against anti-Semitism in public schools and a dangerous anti-Israeli curriculum that threatened to poison the minds of the next generation. Thankfully, that curriculum was given the boot.

“This proposed curriculum not only doesn’t include me, but actively marginalizes me with anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric,” said Michaela Pelta, a student from Lowell High School in San Francisco.

These young adults deserve a standing ovation for their courage–they do not mince words when it comes to standing up for Israel and the Jewish people!