Ilhan Omar. (screenshot) screenshot
Ilhan Omar. (screenshot)

Democratic lawmaker Ilhan Omar doubled down both on her vilification of Israel and the wild conspiracies she has been pushing on social media, admitting in this clip that she has no evidence for them.

Freshman Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was recently appointed to the House Foreign Affairs panel, a troubling development in light of her past history of anti-Israel and allegedly anti-Semitic comments, which include labeling the Jewish state “evil.”

Omar, a rising star in the Democratic party, denied supporting BDS while on the campaign trail, but one week after her election victory, admitted she has always supported anti-Israel boycotts. This week, Omar tweeted the conspiracy theory that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is “compromised.”

In this hard-hitting interview, she both fails to provide a shred of evidence for her conspiracy, in addition to defending her virulently anti-Israel comments.