PA media presents the barbaric terrorist who slaughtered three family members as “compassionate” because, they claim, he didn’t go after the children.

Palestinian terrorist Omar al-Abed burst into the home of an innocent Jewish family eating Shabbat dinner and celebrating the birth of a grandchild and began stabbing them to death. A nearby off-duty IDF soldier heard the screams and neutralized the terrorist, preventing further bloodshed.

Meanwhile, Michal Salomon, whose husband Elad was one of the victims, had rushed her children upstairs. Had the terrorist not been stopped, it appears certain that he would have proceeded upstairs to continue his murderous rampage.

However, Palestinian Authority TV, which continuously incites violence against Israelis and Jews, presented al-Abed as “compassionate,” claiming he spared the lives of the children. Watch the video and listen to his distorted praise of the barbaric terrorist.

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