Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Robert Kraft, Genesis Prize 2019 awardee. (Screenshot) Screenshot

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft donates his Genesis prize money – plus another $19 million – to combating online anti-Semitism.

At the Genesis Prize award ceremony, held in Jerusalem on Thursday, New England Patriots owner, businessman and philanthropist Robert Kraft pledged $20 million, including his Genesis Prize money, towards combating online anti-Semitism, specifically among 18-35-year-olds.

The $1 million Genesis Prize is given each year, through the auspices of Israel’s Prime Minister’s office and The Jewish Agency. Awardees donate their gift to the program of their choosing.

Kraft’s generous pledge will be used to galvanize the global fight against growing online anti-Semitism. He plans to launch his new foundation, called “Social Media Messaging Against Anti-Semitism,” with the help of other philanthropists.