Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki (Majdi Mohammed/AP) (Majdi Mohammed/AP)
Fatah Abbas Zaki

What type of twisted advice does Palestinian youth receive from their leaders?!

Graduation speeches are often a source of inspiration and advice that can last a lifetime.

If Palestinian students heed the words Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki, that lifetime could be very short, as he advised them during a recent address, “Rush toward death and life will be given to you!”

Zaki followed up his morbid guidance by commenting, “Jerusalem is the jewel in the crown. Yasser Arafat knew the value of Jerusalem and repeatedly said: ‘Millions of Martyrs (Shahids) are marching towards Jerusalem.’”

Watch, if you dare, as the audience repeats: “Millions of Martyrs are marching to Jerusalem.”

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