Former US Senator Joe Lieberman discusses Sabbath observance with Arutz-7. (Youtube/Screenshot) (Youtube/Screenshot)
Joe Lieberman

“The eternal truth and value and beauty of Shabbat has a unique contemporary meaning, allowing us to step back and appreciate God’s gift,” Lieberman said.

“We live in the digital age, where people can work 24/7, and Shabbat gives us an opportunity to unplug,” Joe Lieberman, a former US senator and vice-presidential candidate for the Democratic party, told Arutz-7.

At least 50% of the Israeli public says they observe the Jewish Sabbath in some way, Lieberman said.

Author of a book on Shabbat that is now being translated into Hebrew, Lieberman hopes the number of sabbath observers will increase and thereby bring unity to the Jewish people.

His Christian colleagues were “extremely respectful” of his Sabbath observance, he said, adding that not only did it not hurt his political career, but apparently helped it.