The family of a prominent rabbi who was murdered in a terrorist attack last year celebrated the marriage of his daughter.

Rabbi Michael Mark, a prominent educational leader in the town of Otniel, south of Hebron, was driving with his family last year when terrorists shot at his car, murdering him and injuring his wife and two of his children.

With the loss still fresh in the family’s minds, they managed to move on and on Wednesday celebrated the wedding of the rabbi’s daughter, Orit, 19.

In an emotional post on her Facebook page, Orit writes, “The evening before the exciting day of my life … is so emotional! It is full of sadness and joy. Everything is very mixed … and again I am faced with the thought that my father will not accompany me along with my mother to the wedding canopy.”

Watch this scene from the marriage ceremony with the singing of “If I forget thee, Jerusalem,” a tradition at Jewish weddings.