There is a common belief that when the Jewish people reclaimed Israel, the “Palestinians” were violently expelled from the land. Here is the truth of what really happened. 

What you are about to experience is the truth behind the revisionist “Palestinian” history. There is a false idea being spread by the Muslim world that the Jewish people committed genocide against the Palestinian people. This false idea has led to terrorist attacks, hatred and a significant rise in worldwide anti-Semitism.

It’s up to us now to tell the truth. This is what really happened:

Represent the Truth of Israel

Now that you’ve seen the video, you see the truth behind Palestine and the supposed Nakba. You know that thanks to lies that the Arabs generated, they actually caused their own people to flee Israel. Unfortunately, the world is completely ignorant of this fact. The world believes the lie that has been told by the Arab media. But we can slowly get the word out. SHARE this video. It must be seen. The Arabs created a lie and we must expose it.

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