When Arthur Szyk could not publish his Haggadah in pre-World War II Poland, he moved to London where he was honored with presenting it to to King George VI.

In 1936 Arthur Szyk had just finished his masterpiece, a beautiful Haggadah with 48 pages of full-color illustrations, bringing each step of the Seder night to life.

Szyk weaved a political message into his work, painting the Egyptian taskmasters with Nazi armbands and the “evil son” with a Hilter mustache.

Polish publishing houses refused to touch his work, so he moved to England where the king was an ardent Nazi opponent. Szyk was later given the honor of presenting King George VI with one of the first copies of his amazing work, portions of which had been censored.

Click now to see the Haggadah that the The Times of London described as “worthy to be placed among the most beautiful of books that the hand of man has produced.”

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