US journalist Tyler Paley reports on peace-loving Israelis who want security for their families, exposing the human side of people waking up daily and having to look over their shoulders.

In the State of Israel, which comprises a mere 8,000 square miles in total, the threats are everywhere.

American journalist Tyler Paley has presented what could be considered one of the most fair pieces of reporting on Israel, discussing the security challenges as well as the desire of Israelis, including residents of Judea and Samaria, to live in peace with their Arab neighbors.

Watch this video, where he interviews residents of Halamish/Neve Tzuf and Shiloh, both in Samaria, and Kibbutz Nirim on the border with Gaza.

Securing Israel

Fascinating to listen to people who live in a place where they must always be on alert. Here's my story on just a few of those people who simply want security for themselves and their families.

Posted by Tyler Paley – Journalist on Monday, August 21, 2017

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