Arabs riot in Jerusalem to protest Temple Mount metal detectors. (Flash90/Sindel) (Flash90/Sindel)
Jerusalem Temple Mount related riots

A Christian Lebanese refugee living in Israel slams CNN for a piece calling for solidarity with the Muslims with regard to the recent Temple Mount crisis.

In an emotional piece calling for Christians to stand in solidarity with Muslims protesting outside the Temple Mount recently, CNN forgot to mention a few important details, says a Christian Lebanese refugee living in Israel.

Why did the number of Christians living in Israel and the Palestinian Authority diminish dramatically in recent years?

What would happen to Christians attempting to pray according to their faith at the Temple Mount, under the administration of the Jordanian Waqf?

Solidarity truly is important during these difficult times, he says. However, what is true solidarity for religious freedom?

Watch the video and get the facts!


Powerful: Lebanese-Israeli Christian refugee slams Islamic leaders calling for discrimination and violence against non-Muslims at the Temple Mount / Al Aqsa compound.Shame on CNN for misrepresenting the Middle Eastern Christian community as one in solidarity with the Palestinians who discriminate against Christians and Jews!Video: Reservists On Duty, מילואימניקים בחזית

Posted by StandWithUs on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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