Jeremy Gimpel, a close friend of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, has spoken out about the recent assassination attempt in Jerusalem. Gimpel made a video to help people understand why Glick was shot and to show what he was fighting for.

This message is from Jeremy Gimpel, deputy director of the religious Zionist World Mizrachi movement, as posted on YouTube:

“In reaction to the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, we must ask ourselves: Shouldn’t all people from all faiths and nationalities be allowed to pray wherever and however they want in Israel. The cornerstone of democracy is freedom of religion and we must not be intimidated by terrorists. We must stand up for our rights to be a free people and stand up for the freedoms all people. This is Jeremy Gimpel’s personal message inspired by his longtime friend, Yehuda Glick.”

You can learn about the attempted assassination of Rabbi Glick here: Shooting Victim Yehuda Glick an Advocate for Equal Rights.

Palestinian Authority President Abbas has spoken out in favor of the attempted assassination. Despite his cries for peace, he went so far as to call the would-be murderer a martyr.

You Can Make a Difference!

Rabbi Yehuda Glick stands for peace, unity and freedom. Arab terrorists tried to murder him because he was advocating for the right of Jews to pray at the Temple Mount. Right now, the international community is putting pressure on the Israeli government to stop building in Jerusalem and to give away land. We urge you to sign the Jerusalem Declaration and put your voice forward. Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and it belongs to the Jewish people. All people must be free to pray here.

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