Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews celebrate the lighting of a bonfire during Lag b'Omer celebrations on Mt. Meron, April 29, 2021. (David Cohen/Flash90) David Cohen/Flash90
Meron Lag BaOmer

With many still grappling with the sheer magnitude of the tragedy in Meron last week on Lag b’Omer, here are some answers as to why the event was so crowded.

Many people are still processing the deadly crowd crush in Meron that took the lives of 45 men and boys in the worst mass-casualty civilian disaster in Israel’s history.

For those not familiar with the significance of Meron and the Jewish holiday of Lag b’Omer, issues such as why were there so many people at the event need explaining.

This video explains why Lag b’Omer is an incredibly joyous day as well as why hundreds of thousands of Jews descend on the tiny mountain town of Meron each year.