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Wave energy will be connected to the country’s power system for the first time in “three to four months.”

By Daniel Farber-Ball CTech

“Our company developed a unique innovative technology for the generation of clean energy from ocean and sea waves,” said Inna Braverman, co-founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power in an interview with CTech at Calcalist’s Energy conference last week.

“We did something that is very different in our industry, 99 percent of our competitors decided to go offshore, and we connected to the on and near-shore by connecting the equipment to existing man-made structures such as piers and others, which already interfered with the environment. So we take something that is not used for anything and turn it into a source of clean energy.“

“The project we are currently building is the project in Israel, which I am very excited about. It will be the first time in the history of Israel that wave energy will officially connect to the national electrical grid, it is a huge breakthrough,” ​Braverman said. “We expect to open it in three to four months, so soon, the power station is already in the Jaffa port.”

“We are just waiting for the arrival of the floaters, then to finish the connection to the grid. This is something I am really passionate about because I always wanted to do a project in my home country.”

When further asked about building a project in Israel and the cooperation between the local government and business sector, Braverman applauded Israeli support, stating the Jaffa project is “50% co-founded by the Israeli Energy Ministry and the Office of the Chief Scientist.”

However, there is room for improvement, Braverman noted.

“Because wave energy is kind of the new on the block of renewables, many governmental bodies did not have the time to sit properly and set tariffs, licensing procedures for wave energy. So sometimes it takes us longer to understand what are the licenses needed, or how to connect to the grid than it is to build a power station, and that is too bad,” she said.

“We have seen in COP 2026 that Israel wants to be at the forefront of renewable energy as well, and we are great at being at the forefront of many different fields, and in order to do it, we need more support, not only in terms of financial support and investment but really setting the policies for new technologies,” Braverman added.

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