This week saw a lot more of the same. The media bias was just as strong. Terror struck both within the borders of Israel and outside. When a Palestinian minister died from a heart attack, Israel was pointed at for the blame. This and more in our week in review. 

A house is blown up during the Egyptian military operation in Rafah near Gaza on November 20, 2014. (Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

1. Egypt Destroys 60 Tunnels, 800 Homes – Where is the Outrage?

Egypt continues to destroy Hamas terror infrastructure along with homes, but with no world condemnation. Yet when Israel fights a war of defense, it causes an international uproar. Double standard?

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2. Watch: Israeli Student Stabbed in Chabad Headquarters

An Israeli student was wounded by a stranger who entered the famous Chabad Organization complex in Brooklyn, New York. Terror and anti-Semitism were probably not the motive.

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3. France Declares War on Plague of Anti-Semitism

After years of suffering by French Jews, the government has finally declared war against the ugly wave of anti-Semitism that has been plaguing the country.  

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4. Palestinian Minister Dies of Apparent Heart Attack; Abbas Accuses Israel of ‘Barbaric Act’

A PA minister with a history of murdering Israelis died of an apparent heart attack, following a confrontation with the IDF. PA President Abbas falsely accuses Israel of barbaric act of murder.   

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5. Jerusalem Sheik: ‘The Time For Slaughtering Jews Has Come’

The vicious, anti-Semitic Palestinian incitement is endless. In a most recent incident, an influential Muslim leader in Jerusalem called for the massacre of the Jews.

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