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Young Jews are dying because the world did not allow Israel to protect itself properly.

Bedroom damaged by rocket fire in southern Israel. (Photo: Edi Israel/Flash90)

Bedroom damaged by rocket fire in southern Israel. (Photo: Edi Israel/Flash90)

In the less than 10 years since Gaza was given to the Arabs, they have fired approximately 15,000 rockets into Israel. Hamas was allowed to run free in Gaza with the supported of the world. Israel was forced by the world to supply electricity to Gaza without collecting the huge debt owed.

Thus Israel is forced to send our children into Gaza because the world would not allow us to turn off the electricity. If Israel had done so, likely the Arabs would have a festival staging how Israel is starving and killing them and the world would descend on Israel with fake humanitarian ships forcing their way to the Gazan ‘victims.’

Arab children are being killed because the world has allowed their adults to use them in this cynical way.

Israel, however, sends warnings – leaflets, phone calls! – to civilians so that they will not be hurt when Israel strikes the sources of terrorism in Gaza. Israel even set up a field hospital. And yet the world attacks the Jewish state as the oppressors and aggressors – with few exceptions, such as the great Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Hamas brings Israel to the point where it can no longer survive if it does not fight back, and then the Arabs put their children and civilians in the way of Israel’s defensive fire. Then the world cries “Abuser” to Israel. How long can Israelis stand being victimized by the Arabs around them, while the world attacks Israel as the aggressors? Jews here and in the Diaspora must speak and hear the truth!

Accusing Israel of Occupation is a Blood Libel

Israel is the victim. Israel is righteous. Israel has the right and duty to defend itself. Israel has sovereignty under international law over the land from the Jordan River west – even to the Mediterranean Sea. The occupation accusation is a lie – just like the blood libel, just like the horns.

There may not be scores of dead Jewish civilians, thank God. But the dead in Gaza are dead only because their leadership attacked Israel’s very ability to survive. When Israel did not choose suicide, the Arabs in Gaza did not protected their people with shelters; on the contrary, they prevented them from fleeing and used them as human shields – men, women and children.

World at fault for Tolerating Islamist Terror

The world is at fault for not fighting the evil of Islamist terrorism. Israel does not have that luxury.

The Western world is happy for the Jews to keep Arab terrorism from overriding the one protective wall they have: Israel. But the world is greedy for oil and they are cowards wishing to appease the psychopathic Islamist aggressors. So they will allow Israel to defend itself only from the very brink of destruction, but up to that point the West will choose to appease the Islamist Moloch (ancient Ammonite god that demanded child sacrifice) by forcing Israel to send her children to war.

The Western powers have done this before. Had the Allies used their ability to stop the trains to Auschwitz, the Germans would have had additional resources available to fight at the front. And only after a third of the Jewish people were sacrificed to the Nazi Moloch did the Western powers allow them to return to the land to which we had already been given legal sovereignty – in 1920, at the San Remo Conference – in recognition of the Jewish historical connection to their homeland.

Article by Renanah Goldhar-Gemeiner

Renanah Goldhar-Gemeiner is a well-known pro-Israel activist in Toronto, Canada, and co-founder of Canadian Jews and Friends of Yezidis.