Irish United with Israel urges our readers to protest a motion for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.


Dublin City Council has voted for a motion in favor of a trade embargo against Israel.

The motion has expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people. Meanwhile, Israel is currently conducting Operation Protective Edge, fighting Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza that attack not only Israeli citizens, but also Palestinian men, women and children, using them as human shields and encouraging them to remain in northern Gaza after getting multiple warnings from the IDF to leave the area for their own safety.

Israel Defends Entire Free World

This motion is biased against the Jewish state and completely one-sided. Dublin City Council, in promoting such a motion, ignores Western interests. Israel is protecting not only the Jewish state, but also the entire Free World, from Islamist terror.

Irish United with Israel urges each and every one of you to write to the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor, demanding that they reconsider this motion.

Below is a sample letter:

It has come to my attention that Dublin City Council recently voted for a motion in favor of a trade embargo against Israel. The motion also expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Sadly, this motion failed to even mention Hamas, which has fired more than 12,000 rockets at Israel in recent years.

The motion ignored the plight not only of Israeli civilians, but also Palestinians, who suffer under Hamas rule in Gaza as well as in the Palestinian Authority-run territories because of their own governments. In fact, prominent Palestinian human-rights activist Bassem Eid, among others, has been urging the defunding of the Palestinian Authority, which he says is corrupt and not working in the interests of the Palestinian people.


Hamas has been designated by the EU, Japan, the United States and Canada as a terrorist organization, something which Dublin City Council failed to even mention in its motion.

It is very disappointing that Dublin City Council supported such an incredibly one-sided motion in favor of a terrorist organization. We demand that you amend this motion to condemn Hamas and express solidarity with all innocent civilians in the region. The Council should also demand that Hamas stop firing rockets at Israeli civilians and using Palestinian men, women and children as human shields – a proven fact.

Motions such as these will not bring peace; in fact, quite the opposite.

Please email Lord Mayor Cllr.Christie Burke at and Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr.Larry O’Toole at