Facebook has begun to fight online incitement, but we must insist that Mark Zuckerberg and his social media giant work harder to block incitement and hate!

Facebook has recently taken action against Hamas’ support of terrorism on its social media platform by shutting down terrorism-linked pages.

The social media giant has closed more than 90 pages supporting Hamas, in addition to 30 personal accounts affiliated with the terror group.

Hamas spokesman Husam Badran slammed the closure of pages supporting Hamas terror, calling it a “persistent collusion of the Facebook administration with Israeli occupation policies.” He is urging Palestinian Facebook users to look for other alternatives.

Social media is widely used by terror-promoting elements to disseminate hatred towards Israelis.

While we are thankful for Facebook’s action, many dangerous pages still exist on the platform and pose a real threat to innocent people.

Here are a few of examples pages that must be shut down, for Israel’s sake.

It is imperative that we encourage Facebook to increase its efforts to remove incitement to terror from its platform.

We must make two requests:

1. Politely thank Facebook for the action its has taken.

2. Ask Facebook to shut down more pages that promote terrorism against Israel.

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Thank Facebook and Urge Them to Continue Their Efforts Against the Promotion of Terror.

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