Not just the Jewish People, but all people who long for global peace and harmony should hope and pray for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Tisha B’Av teaches us that throughout history, hatred of Jews existed. The barbaric Hebron massacre is a perfect example and should be remembered.

The Jewish people worldwide are now observing a period known as "The Three Weeks" in which they mourn and bemoan the destruction of Jerusalem.

Tisha b'Av commemorates dramatic national catastrophes, in an attempt to benefit from history by learning from – rather than repeating - critical moral and strategic missteps.

This video features hope in a time of darkness, as the Jewish people mourn the destruction of the two Jewish Temples, and prepare for the building of the third.

The Ninth of Av (Tisha B'Av) is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. The Jewish People mourn the destruction of both Temples and many other tragedies. Learn about the history and unique observance of this sad, tragic Jewish holiday.