The ceasefire is over. Hamas began firing a barrage of rockets into southern Israel and Israel has responded with targeted airstrikes.

A kibbutz in southern Israel. (Photo: Atara Beck)

A kibbutz in southern Israel. (Photo: Atara Beck)

Hamas and Islamic Jihad continued their terror assault on southern Israel after a 72-hour ceasefire. A Hamas official said the terrorists would renew activity because Israel did not agree to their demands.

Terrorists resumed firing rockets into southern Israel on Friday morning – as warned – after negotiations in Cairo failed to move forward and the 72-hour ceasefire had expired.

The IDF, in response, targeted terror sites across the Gaza Strip.

“The IDF remains alert and maintains a high level of preparedness with both defensive capabilities and striking capabilities in order to address the renewed aggression. The IDF is determined to defend the civilians of the state of Israel,” according to an IDF statement.

IDF Responds to Hamas’ ‘Bad Decision’

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF Spokesman, said: “The renewed rocket attacks by terrorists at Israel are unacceptable, intolerable and shortsighted. Hamas’ bad decision to breach the ceasefire will be pursued by the IDF; we will continue to strike Hamas, its infrastructure, its operatives and restore security for the State of Israel.”

Terrorists fired at least 30 rockets and mortar shells into the south. Two were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system.

Two people sustained shrapnel injuries. Sapir College director Dr. Nachmi Paz, 71, was classified as being in moderate to serious condition, and a 20-year-old soldier was lightly injured. Several homes were damaged.

The resumption of rockets aimed at Israel began at 8 a.m. The Israeli response came at approximately 10:40, following orders to the IDF by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

Written by: United with Israel Staff