During tough times, it is easier to turn and run. But as the sirens ring out and rockets continue to fall, I cannot bear the thought of being anywhere but here.

When we told our friends that we were making Aliyah, some were shocked. Well, to all our friends who doubted us: We are celebrating our 20th year of Aliyah!


Imagine hearing a frightening siren blaring “Code Red, Code Red” and having 15 seconds to run for cover. Imagine never being able to walk beyond a short distance of the nearest shelter.

Southern Israel is Ablaze as the rocket attacks from Gaza keep coming and the violence escalates. Government ministers are calling for decisive action.

Terror Tunnel

The most recently discovered Gaza terror tunnel, the longest yet, extends at least 300 yards inside southern Israel. The IDF exposed another massive terror tunnel built by Gaza terrorists, extending deep into southern Israel. Running over a thousand feet beyond their border, it is the largest terror tunnel ever discovered by Israeli security forces. The IDF, which... Read more »