The Obama Administration is pushing for a deal on Iran’s nuclear program. Prime Minister Netanyahu warns: “Iran is NOT your friend. Iran is your enemy.”

PM Netanyahu. (Photo: GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: GPO)

Just a week before the deadline set to end the talks between the Western powers and Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again warned the U.S. that Iran poses a clear and present danger to Western civilization.

Netanyahu was interviewed Sunday afternoon on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” during which he stated: “Iran is not your ally. Iran is not your friend. Iran is your enemy. It’s not your partner.”

Netanyahu stressed the imminent danger Iran poses to Israel’s existence: “Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel. Just as the P5+1 (U.S., China, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany), the United States and the world powers are negotiating with Iran a nuclear agreement, the Ayatollah Khamenei, the ruler of Iran, calls for the annihilation of Israel. He just did that four days ago. He specified nine ways and reasons by which Israel should be destroyed.” Netanyahu was relating to Khamenei’s inflammatory tweets from last week.

Netanyahu continued: “He’s participated in rallies and chants of ‘Death to America‘, ‘Death to Israel’. This is not a friend, neither in the battle against ISIS (Islamic State terror group) nor in the effort, the great effort that should be made to deprive him [of] the capacity to make nuclear weapons. Don’t fall for Iran’s ruse. They are not your friend.”

Middle East Awash with Terror

Regarding the developing affairs in the Middle East, Netanyahu pointed out that the region is gripped with terror and extremism. “Basically the Middle East is awash with militant Islamists, the militant Islamists led by al-Qaeda and ISIS on the Sunni side, the militant Islamists led by Iran and Hezbollah on the Shiite side. We want both of them to lose. The last thing we want is to have any one of them get weapons of mass destruction. Look at what ISIS is doing now with assault rifles and pick-up trucks. Just imagine what Iran would do if it had nuclear weapons. So both our enemies are fighting one another and when they are, weaken both – don’t strengthen either one.”

Continued Iranian Incitement to Genocide

Netanyahu’s words come just two days after a leading Iranian cleric threatened to raze Tel Aviv and attack American bases in an aired televised sermon on Friday.

WATCH – Ayatollah Ali Movahedi-Kermani incites against Israel and calls for its destruction:

Ayatollah Ali Movahedi-Kermani, a Khameini representative, stated that “if such a mistaken idea of attacking Iran occurs to Israel one day, we will, as our supreme leader said, raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground,” according to MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute).

“The Sejjil ballistic missile can hit and raze to the ground any place in Israel, as well as any American base in the region,” he said. “Israel’s atomic or missile centers… are within range of the powerful, fast, and awe-inspiring missiles of Iran.”

“Iran will not even go back one step from the research and development and the enrichment of uranium and will not relinquish its full right to nuclear energy…the other side has no choice but to conduct negotiations with us in a respectful atmosphere,” Movahedi-Kermani vowed.

He further pointed out that the U.S. president had erred on his assessment of the situation with Iran. “Obama says it was sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table… You are wrong. Iran has joined the negotiations to show you and the world that you are lying.”

You Can Fight Back against Iran!

The discussions between Iran and the West regarding Iran’s nuclear aspirations are at a critical point. Israel fears that the Obama Administration will ease the sanctions on Iran to gain diplomatic points. We MUST ensure that Iran does not become nuclear.

To sign a petition demanding NOT to ease sanctions on Iran at Israel’s expense, click HERE.

Author: United with Israel Staff