The Fatah page, which routinely glorifies terrorists and terrorism, was finally shut  by Facebook.

The official Facebook page of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) ruling party Fatah was shut by Facebook on Monday, according to an official statement from the Fatah movement.

Munir al-Jaghoub, a Fatah official and the page administrator, said in the statement that Facebook closed Fatah’s official page after the group posted a photo of the late arch-terrorist and Fatah leader Yasser Arafat alongside the current deputy chairman of the movement Mahmoud al-Aloul, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

In the old photo, Arafat hands a rifle to al-Aloul.

The statement noted this was the second time Facebook has closed Fatah’s official Facebook page.

The page routinely posts material glorifying Palestinian terrorism, so-called martyrdom and armed struggle against Israel.

Celebrating its 52nd anniversary this January, Fatah named murderers and leaders of terror organizations as its role models and continues pushing its “phased plan” for the destruction of the entire State of Israel.

Fatah called these terrorists “the real Palestinians” and wished them a “good year” in a post on Facebook. Fatah predicted “a people whose leaders are martyrs [terrorists] … will undoubtedly triumph with Allah’s help.”

Social media is a prolific platform for Palestinian incitement and driving force behind the wave of Palestinian violence against Israelis.

In September, Facebook agreed to work with Israel to, “minimize online anti-Semitic incitement” and make an effort to remove content considered promoting terrorism.

In January, Facebook closed more than 100 pages belonging or sympathetic to the Hamas terror group.

Over the past two years, Israel has detained several Palestinians for promoting terrorism on social media.

In October 2015, some 20,000 Israelis joined a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, charging the social media platform ignores posts that include Palestinian incitement and calls to murder Jews.

By: United with Israel Staff

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