An IAF fighter on a mission. (Ofer Zidon/Flash90) (Ofer Zidon/Flash90)
IAF figher

Israel’s Air Force (IAF) responded to a rocket attack from Gaza on Friday by attacking four Hamas terror targets early Saturday morning.

Palestinian terrorists fired a rocket at Israel’s civilian population in southern Israel on Friday. The rocket exploded in the city of Sderot, slamming into a children’s daycare center that was vacated at the time. Damage was caused to the building, but no one was injured in the attack. Four people were treated for shock.

Israel’s Air Force (IAF) responded by attacking four Hamas terror targets in Gaza early Saturday morning. Palestinian sources report there were no casualties.

Hamas television reported that the IAF strikes hit their military positions and a weapons production factory in Gaza City. According to the report, a fire broke out at the site.

A Salafist terror organization linked with the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group claimed responsibility for the attack.

The IDF places full responsibility for the attack on the Hamas terror organization, which controls the Strip. Israel considers Hamas as the address and it bears responsibility for all attacks emanating from the Strip.

IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said the rocket attack was “a horrific reminder of the intentions of terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip to target communities, people, men, women and children.”

“Over the past two days Israeli civilians have witnessed and experienced the devastating effects of incitement-fueled terrorism based on hatred and radical beliefs,” he said. “In our efforts to ensure stability, we continue to defend against those who put innocent lives in harm’s way.”

The attack marked the first time since the Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 that a rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists from Gaza exploded inside an Israeli community.

There have been several sporadic rocket and mortar attacks against civilian targets and against IDF forces operating on the border. There were no injuries in any of those incidents.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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