Gill Rosenberg. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90) (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)
Gill Rosenberg

Gill Rosenberg, who served in the IDF and then fought on behalf of the oppressed Kurds in Syria and Iraq, has returned to the region to help free Yazidi women from sexual slavery.

Steve Maman, a wealthy Canadian Jewish businessman rescuing non-Muslim hostages of the Islamic State (ISIS), hired Gill Rosenberg, who had served in the IDF and then fought on behalf of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, to return to Iraq help free Yazidi women captured by ISIS.

Maman is funding efforts to rescue Yazidis and Christians from the terrorist group.

Maman told Israel’s Channel 2 and Pazam military magazine that he contacted Rosenberg upon her return to Israel from Iraq. He asked her to work on behalf of the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI) project, which is dedicated to rescuing non-Muslim captives held by ISIS who are at risk of sexual abuse and slavery. CYCI says that it has already rescued 128 women and children and raised some $200,000 to support its efforts.

ISIS slavery

A Yazidi woman being released from ISIS captivity. (AP)

“When I heard that she had returned to Israel, I contacted her on Facebook. I requested that she assist us in operations to free Yazidi women, and she agreed. We drafted her into our lines and sent her to help us. She is currently located with our people in a safe location. I am happy that she is helping us. She is a courageous and daring young woman who is deserving of all the compliments for what she has done. There are not many [people] like her in the world,” Maman told Pazam.

Regarding her exact duties, he said, “She is working for us behind the scenes. She has many connections in the area, and I believe that she will help us release more Yazidi women who have been captured by ISIS. I am in contact with her and depend on her.”

Rosenberg announced on her Facebook page in mid-August that she would be heading to Iraq to work on behalf of CYCI.

ISIS has been targeting religious minorities in Iraq. For example, the UN estimated that up to 5,000 Yazidis were executed by ISIS in August 2014. Thousands of Yazidi women have been captured and sold into sex slavery or forced to marry ISIS terrorists.

CYCI has come under scrutiny due to difficulty verifying its claims of having rescued Yazidis. In response, Maman said he is willing to open his records to reputable government authorities or organizations such as the Red Cross in order to confirm his organization’s success. He is not willing to release the information publicly in order to respect the privacy of the people CYCI has helped.

By: Sara Abramowicz, United with Israel

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