Good News Israel presents Israel’s Mobileye drives a car across the USA; Israel to host World Science Conference and much more.


Mobileye drives a car across the USA

An Audi A7 traveled over 560 miles, from California to Nevada, aided by a high-resolution, wide-angle 3-D video camera from Israel’s Mobileye. For 95% of the 560-mile journey, there was no driver. And then a Delphi Automotive “Roadruner” drove itself nearly all of the 3000 miles from San Francisco to Manhattan, using Mobileye’s Advanced Drive Assistance System.

Israel to host World Science Conference

Delegations including up to 20 Nobel Prize laureates and 400 young scientists and thinkers from 60 countries will attend a conference in Jerusalem in August. The five-day event will be the largest such event of its kind ever to be held.

More about CyberTech 2015

8,700 people from 50 countries attended the two-day CyberTech 2015 conference in Tel Aviv on 24 March. The exhibition featured a “Startup Pavilion,” where 100 Israeli startup companies displayed breakthrough technologies and products.

Body protection inspired by fish scales

Researchers at Israel’s Technion and USA’s MIT have developed a suit that offers 40 times more protection than existing body amour. Designed like the scales on a fish and produced on a 3D printer, the suit is resilient to bullets, knives and even radiation. Also in NewsWeek and UK Mail Online.

Laser imaging for US marines

Israel’s Elbit Systems has been awarded a $73.4 million contract from the US Marine Corps to supply a laser imaging system. The Common Laser Range Finder-Integrated Capability system enables soldiers in concealed positions to carry out imaging, range finding and navigation in combat arenas.

Wave-power for China

Israeli startup Eco Wave Power is to build a wave-powered plant on China’s Zoushan Island. The Chinese Government is funding the $450,000 100kw power plant, which is targeted for completion by the end of 2015. EWP is negotiating more projects in Zhejiang Province.

Smart AC controller starts shipping

I reported in June 2014 about Israeli startup Sensibo’s innovative technology that controls the temperature of your home. Well Sensibo smashed its $70,000 Indigo target, has completed manufacture and has started shipping. (And a reminder of Sensibo’s “really cool” video).

Israel treats over 90% of its wastewater

Israel continues to hold the world record for wastewater reuse. 90% of its 500 million cubic meters of wastewater is treated. 10% of that is released into rivers to maintain their quality. 325,000 acres of land is irrigated with recycled wastewater – nearly double that of 10 years ago.

Augmented Reality in 3D

Israeli startup Infinity Augmented Reality has developed a software-based Augmented Reality (AR) engine that can turn any device with two simple cameras into a powerful real time 3D platform. Infinity has just raised $5 million of funds, including from SUN Corporation.


By Michael Ordman

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