Intel’s purchase of Mobileye for over $15 billion is the biggest acquisition of an Israeli high-tech company to date. Intel, one of the world’s biggest technology conglomerates, has confirmed reports that it is purchasing Mobileye, a leader in autonomous driving technology, for $15.3 billion. This would be the biggest exit in the history of Israeli hi-tech, which... Read more »

CNN has written about three Israeli Innovations that will revolutionize the planet; Want a phone-free family meal, or just a break from constantly checking messages and emails? Purchase an Israeli Pause, and much more.

Israel’s Controp has teamed up with USA’s Pharovision to develop detection systems designed to warn of potential collisions between airplanes and either airborne birds or foreign object debris on the ground, and Bill gates says, “Israeli technology is improving the world.”

Israel has inaugurated its largest photovoltaic energy field and Israeli chip design startup Sckipio is working with Intel to deliver 1 gigabit per second Internet access.

After 2000 years of exile, citizens of the State of Israel can be proud of their phenomenal technological achievements in just 67 years. It’s as if the gift of time itself has been bestowed on the Jewish State for the benefit of humanity.