Technion scientists have built a tool to help treat patients with immune system diseases; Zebra’s technology extends to chest X-rays that can identify 40 common clinical findings; Israel’s Datum Dental has developed an innovative solution for bone and tissue regeneration for dentistry, and much more!

By: Michael Ordman


Mapping the immune system

Israel’s Technion scientists have built a tool to help treat patients with immune system diseases. “ImmuneXpresso” scans millions of scientific publications to construct a computerized model of the immune system, showing the interactions between immune cells and the human body, across thousands of diseases.

Automatic analysis of chest X-rays

I’ve reported (see here) on the artificial intelligent (AI) image analysis systems developed by Israel’s Zebra Medical. Now Zebra’s technology extends to chest X-rays with “Textray”, that can identify 40 different common clinical findings. Zebra also raised $30 million of funds.

Europe and Canada approve Israeli bone regeneration

Israel’s Datum Dental has developed OSSIX Bone – an innovative solution for bone and tissue regeneration for dentistry. It has just received the CE Mark in Europe and Health Canada approval. OSSIX Bone already has FDA clearance.

US approval for knee cartilage repair system

Meniscus (knee cartilage) tears are common for athletes, those engaged in daily sport activities, the elderly, and anyone with cartilage problems. Israel’s Arcuro Medical has developed the SuperBall™ meniscus repair system and has just received FDA clearance.

Go-ahead for bio-ink

Israel’s CollPlant (see here) is developing a proprietary rhCollagen-based formulations intended for use as bio-ink for the 3D printing of tissues and life savings organs.  It has now received grant approval (up to $1.2 million) of additional finance from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).

Israeli algae antioxidant protects the skin

I’ve reported previously (see here) on AstaPure – Israel-based Algatech’s algae-derived Astaxanthin, produced at Kibbutz Ketura. A new clinical trial in Japan provides evidence of Astaxanthin’s protective role against skin deterioration caused by ultraviolet (UV) light.

Advanced security and medical training

Israel’s Advanced Security Training Institute (ASTI) has just completed its latest course, providing 30 US first responders with practical security and medical training. Since 2003, these skills have been passed on to more than 7,000 emergency personnel in the USA.

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