“Kill You!” was among several vicious text messages sent to the United with Israel staff writer on Saturday night in both English and Hebrew.

By United with Israel Staff

Israel-haters, allegedly members of the Hamas terror organization, have sent violent cyber threats, including warnings of death and kidnapping, to lawmakers, deputy ministers and journalists throughout Israel, including the United with Israel staff writer.

The messages, sent on Saturday night from blocked and fictitious telephone numbers, seem to be the result of cyber warfare; an Israeli defense website was reportedly hacked, thus exposing personal contact information.

The cyber threats came on the 10th anniversary of the targeted killing of arch-terrorist Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, the Hamas spiritual leader and one of its founders.

UWI senior staff writer Atara Beck immigrated to Israel three years ago from Canada, where, writing for The Jewish Tribune, a weekly newspaper published by B’nai Brith Canada, she was among the first to report on anti-Israel activity on North American campuses. She had nipped a new organization in Ontario – High Schools against Israeli Apartheid, a sub-group of Coalition against Israeli Apartheid – in the bud.

Other stories she wrote included exposes on subtle anti-Israel activity, such as a respected “peace advocate” promoting the views of a terrorist online. After moving to Israel, she has continued to report as a freelance journalist.

Cyber Threats Stress All ‘Palestinian’ Land

Following are two more examples of the cyber threats she received over the weekend:

“Al-Qassam has chosen you to be the next Shalite (sic). Be ready.”

“If you want to remain alive, get out of our land.”

Another message – “Hamas: In the next war, all Palestinian land will be redeemed” – seemed in line with a recent story published by Palestinian Media Watch, which quoted a recent Arabic-language Facebook post by Fatah, the leading Palestinian political party, as declaring that “Palestine cannot be divided.”

In fact, most who received these cyber threats live within the Green Line.

One message mentioned the name of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the Hamas spiritual leader who was murdered in a targeted killing.

According to PMW, “even during the current negotiations with Israel, the PA continues to disseminate maps that exclude the existence of Israel by presenting all of the land as ‘Palestine.’”

This was not the first time that United with Israel was attacked for its pro-advocacy work. The organization will proudly and actively continue in its support for the State of Israel, a modern, successful and democratic island in a region of violence and terror.