Hamas' commandos in uniform on parade in Gaza. (Aaed Tayeh/Flash90) (Aaed Tayeh/Flash90)
IDF forces view an exposed terror tunnel

IDF forces look down an uncovered terror tunnel. (IDF)

A recently captured Hamas terrorist provided Israeli intelligence with a trove of information on plans to attack Israel as well as Iran’s support for these acts of terror.

A Hamas terrorist recently arrested by Israeli security forces has provided valuable intelligence on preparations to attack Israel by way of terror tunnels and on Iran’s support for terror, the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) revealed on Tuesday.

Ibrahim Adal Shahada Sha’ar, 21, hails from the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and was arrested in July. He told the Shin Bet during questioning of his involvement in Hamas activities in recent months, including his exposure to the organization’s digging of terror tunnels from the Rafah area in the southern Strip towards Kerem Shalom in Israel. He provided detailed information on the location of the tunnels, their entry points and their layout.

Hamas used several of these tunnels to attack Israel last summer, causing the death of Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers. The IDF discovered 32 tunnels, 14 of which crossed directly into Israel.

Sha’ar also revealed that a new road built by Hamas near the Gaza border is expected to serve for surprise attacks against Israel, executed by vehicles that would rush towards the border fence.

As a member of Hamas, Sha’ar was directly involved in providing weapons training, commanding units, using advanced weapons and sabotage.

During Operation Protective Edge, he operated within Hamas’ logistics and support unit, providing the fighting terrorists with weapons and explosives. He also took an active role by placing explosive devices against IDF tanks and taking part in reconnaissance.

Iran Directly Involved in Hamas Terror

Sha’ar gave the Shin Bet with detailed information about Iran’s connection to Hamas.

Hamas tunnel

A Hamas terrorist works in a tunnel. (Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

According to Sha’ar, the Iranian support comes in the form of funding, advanced weapons and electronic equipment, such as frequency-scrambling devices used to take down Israeli drones flying over the skies of Gaza.

Sha’ar also discussed Hamas’ hang-glider unit, an airborne unit trained to infiltrate Israel by air. He provided intelligence about the structure of Hamas’ elite forces, their tank defense abilities, their air defense apparatus, their ability to collect intelligence with observation equipment – which enables them to see three kilometers into Israeli territory – and the change in battle tactics in wake of last summer’s war.

The Hamas terrorist said that the organization has been using materials brought into Gaza to rehabilitate the Strip for terror purposes.

The organization, he continued, puts Gaza’s civilian population in danger by hiding explosives inside of residential areas, in accordance with orders from Hamas commanders who fear the IDF’s targeting of their weapons caches. Sha’ar himself admitted to storing explosive charges, some as large 50 kilos, under his house.

Sha’ar was indicted on July 31 at Beersheba District Court on charges of membership in a terrorist organization, attempted murder, contact with a foreign agent, illegal military training and possession of weapons.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel