An IDF soldier searches a site in Judea and Samaria. (Photo: IDF Spokesperson/Flash90) An IDF soldier searches a site in Judea and Samaria. (Photo: IDF Spokesperson/Flash90)
war on terror
terror weapons

Weapons ceased by the IDF during the raid. (Photo: IDF spokesman)

In its war on terror, the IDF is taking the battle to the terrorists’ backyard.

The IDF was successful in seizing large sums of money that were designated for terror, an IDF spokesman announced Monday.

The IDF conducted a broad overnight raid in the Palestinian village of Salfit, north of Ramallah, in order to seize assets held by Hamas that were designated for funding terror. Some NIS 110,000 ($30,000) were uncovered in the operation, as well as a Carl-Gustav machine gun, a magazine for the gun, several knifes and other improvised weapons.

One suspect was arrested and several others questioned at the scene.

The night operation was one of several actions taken by the IDF in the wake of accelerated terror activity in the area. The objective is to thwart the terror threat which looms over Israeli residents in the area, the IDF spokesman explained.

Lt. Col. Hai Rakah, commander of the battalion that conducted the operation, said that the military unit “has been operating in the northern Binyamin region of Samaria for about a month, on the roads in the daytime and at night – deep inside the villages. This time the combat soldiers scored a success when they located several weapons.”

This operation was “only one of many activities we undertake in the region in the face of hostile terrorist activity, and we will continue the mission of protecting the villages in our sector,” Rakah stated.

By: United with Israel Staff

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