The IDF foiled a major terror attack on Thursday morning. Terrorists were penetrating Israel through a tunnel built by Hamas.


Weapons discovered in Hamas terror tunnel Thursday morning. (Photo: IDF)

Thursday morning, the Israeli military foiled an attempted infiltration and major terror attack against Israel.

Israeli forces identified approximately 13 terrorists while penetrating Israel through a terror tunnel constructed by Hamas. The tunnel led from the southern Gaza Strip towards the southern Israeli community of Sufa. ​ ​

​In a combined effort, Israel’s military operated in order to negate and overcome the impending attack and to prevent the terrorists from attacking the Israeli kibbutz and entering Israeli territory.

​The strike was carried out by an IAF aircraft. No injuries were reported.

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF spokesman, explained:

“This morning, our forces successfully foiled a terror attack that could have had devastating and deadly consequences to Israel. The threat of terror tunnels, based on Hamas’ abhorrent strategy, is yet another example of the many attempts made by Hamas to violate Israel’s sovereignty and security, by carrying out lethal attacks against Israeli civilians. As we have proven in recent days, Hamas will not be able to launch strikes against Israel without consequences, we will continue to prevent, pursue and counter-strike the actions of the terrorist organization with its terror intentions.”

Source: IDF News Desk

Click below to see footage of the attempted infiltration into southern Israel.