Israel carried out several strikes against Hamas terrorists responsible for the “fire kites” that have been scorching Israel’s south. 

By: United with Israel Staff

An Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft and IDF tank late Tuesday night fired at a vehicle belonging to a Hamas field commander described by the Israeli military as “heavily involved” in launching arson kites and explosive balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Sources in Gaza reported that the car was empty and that no one was harmed in the strike. The car was completely destroyed.

Earlier in the evening, an IDF aircraft targeted a vehicle used by a group of Palestinians to launch arson balloons from the northern Gaza Strip into Israel.

The army also bombed two Hamas observation posts in the northern Gaza Strip.

Hamas has been orchestrating a relentless wave of arson terror over the past three months, destroying thousands of acres of farmland as well as nature reserves and wildlife. On Sunday night, the IDF released footage of balloons being prepared and launched from a Hamas observation post.