Barak defense system in action (IAI) (IAI)
Barak defense

The trial series completed Monday “enhances the proven capabilities against wider range of threats,” says IAC chief Boaz Levy.


Israel’s Aerospace Industries (IAI) successfully rested its Extended Range (ER) Barak Defense System, the company stated Monday.

The Barak ER can intercept targets within a 150 km range.

The trials tested the system’s capabilities in a range of scenarios, including the interception of an assaulting ballistic target, the IAI said.

The vertically launched missile includes a booster, a dual-pulse rocket motor, and an advanced radar homing seeker with capabilities supporting 360° coverage, quick reactions, short minimal ranges and an active high-end Radio Frequency seeker for targets with low radar cross-sections and high maneuverability.

The Barak has several versions, including the Barak 8 naval type launched from a ship and developed together with India.

Boaz Levy, IAI president and CEO, stated that “the evolution of airborne threats across the globe, combined with geopolitical changes, requires an advanced, agile, and versatile air defense system. The BARAK system was operationally proven against countless threats, including some of the most challenging ones today.”

The trial series completed Monday “enhances the proven capabilities against wider range of threats. The combination of several interceptors in a unified launcher and the inherent modularity of the Barak system provide an optimal response for the future battlefield, offering the forces unprecedented operational agility and flexibility,” he added.



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