An Israeli Air Force Apache helicopter. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov) AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov
Israel Air Force


“Hezbollah better not try the crushing force of Israel,” warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

By Ezra Stone, United with Israel

Early Wednesday, Israeli attack choppers hit Hezbollah observation posts along the Lebanon border after members of the terror group fired shots at Israeli soldiers patrolling the region.

The incident began late Tuesday evening when “gunfire was fired from Lebanese territory at IDF force,” said an official statement from the Israeli military.

“There were no casualties,” the army added.

Israel has been prepared for retaliation from Hezbollah since an airstrike took out one of the Lebanese group’s terrorists in Syria on July 20. On July 27, the the IDF stopped a Hezbollah infiltration attempt, which resulted in the exchange of fire, representing a major flare-up.

Following the fire from Lebanon on Tuesday night, which occurred near a northern Israeli community called Manara, the authorities issued an order requiring civilians in neighboring communities to remain indoors. Roads near the border were also shut down, but all restrictions on movement in Israel were removed as of Wednesday.

Commenting on the incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Israel views with utmost gravity the shooting at our forces by Hezbollah.”

“I suggest that Hezbollah not try the crushing force of Israel. Hezbollah is once again endangering Lebanon with its aggression,” he added.

The IDF statement noted that “[Israel] considers the Lebanese government responsible for what happens [from] its territory.”

The statement concluded, “The IDF views the incident very seriously. Any attempt to violate the sovereignty of the State of Israel is a serious event.”



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