Brainwashed by their educational system and the media, Palestinian youths attack Israelis despite the strong possibility of getting killed as a result. 

Israeli security forces were successful again in thwarting an attempt by a Palestinian to harm Israelis.

A Border Police observation post monitoring the security fence around Jerusalem on Wednesday spotted a Palestinian scaling the fence from the neighborhood of Shuafat, in an attempt to avoid going through security checkpoints.

They alerted security forces who arrested the intruder, a 14 year old boy. He was found to be carrying a knife, and admitted during his initial questioning that he was on his way to stab Israelis.

He was taken for further questioning.

A police commander praised the forces for their “high level of alertness, which proves itself on a daily basis.” He underscored the fact that their efforts prevented the potential harming of innocent civilians.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has recently claimed that the almost-daily Palestinian terrorist attacks are driven by Palestinian desperation over the so-called Israeli occupation. But teens who commit such attacks at this age are not despaired, rather, they are brainwashed by the Palestinian media and educational system, which promotes a culture of death and destruction that is driving an entire generation of Palestinians towards self-destruction.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel