Israel targets launching stations and weapons depots after being attacked by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

Yesterday, six rockets were fired towards Southern Israel from Gaza City. The Israeli government has responded by firing back at a rocket launching stations and weapons depots within Gaza and closing down the crossings leading into the coastal strip. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “There was rocket fire into our communities, and the response came immediately. My policy is to harm anyone who tries to harm us. No trickle, no accumulation. We have acted and will continue to act against threats that are near and far. I believe that Jews must be able to defend themselves, by themselves, and to act with determination against any enemy that tries to harm us.”

Islamic Jihad is believed to have been responsible for the latest rocket attacks. News sources speculate that Islamic Jihad was upset with Hamas over the killing of one of their members and cut off ties with Hamas as a result. Raed Qasim Jundiya, a member of Islamic Jihad, sustained fatal head injuries after he clashed with the Hamas authorities who had arrived at his home to arrest him. Islamic Jihad reacted to their internal conflict with Hamas by escalating tensions with Israel.

IDF Spokesman Brigade General Yoav Mordechai claimed Hamas is will still be held accountable saying “Regardless, Israel holds Hamas responsible for any terror emanating from the Gaza Strip. Hamas is still in control of Gaza, and it bears the responsibility for what goes on there.

Avigdor Lieberman, who heads the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, believes that Israel needs to take strong action within Gaza in order to tackle the threat posed by Palestinian terrorist organizations there. He believes that if the status quo continues, Gazan terror groups will be able to threaten Tel Aviv and Netanya with missiles and aircraft. “Hamas has no intention of reconciling with a Jewish presence in Israel. Israel will have to seriously consider the option of conquering all of Gaza and really cleaning it out. I’m not sure we want to live with that situation, but in the long term it’s inevitable,” Lieberman claimed.


By Rachel Avraham, staff writer for United with Israel

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