A Palestinian rioter. (Illustrative). (Flash90) (Flash90)
Palestinian riot fire

Members of the Israeli left-wing organization ‘Two States, One Homeland’ were attacked by Palestinians Wednesday night in the Palestinian city of Ramallah after they came to participate in a post-Ramadan Iftar feast.

While the 20 participants were dining, the car the Israelis arrived in was set on fire, apparently in a firebomb attack.

There were reports that Palestinians also threw rocks and firebombs at the group, but one of the Israelis participants denied such incidents occurred.

The majority of the Israeli group left the city on their own, while one of them was evacuated from the city by Palestinian security forces, who turned him over to Israeli security forces.

The left-wing activist was arrested by police and held overnight because he breached the law when he entered the Palestinian controlled area. It is prohibited by Israeli law to enter Palestinian Authority-controlled areas because such an entry can end with the Israelis coming under attack by Palestinians.

In a press release, the “Two States, One Homeland” left-wing organization tried to play down the violent incident. “Despite some of the reports, at no point did we feel threatened, and our Palestinian friends were shocked by the incident. The thing that frightens those wishing to maintain the status quo the most, are us Israelis and Palestinians who talk and act together.”

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel