Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the UNHRC for criticizing Israel instead of focusing on the Syrian slaughter of 140,000 civilians.

In response to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s debate on Friday over five proposed anti-Israel resolutions, Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Council of chronic bias against Israel, noting at his government’s weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday:

“At a time when the slaughter in Syria is continuing; innocent people are being hung across the Middle East; human rights are being eroded and in many countries and free media are being shut down, the UN Human Rights Council decides to condemn Israel for closing off a balcony. This is absurd. We will continue to expose and condemn this parade of hypocrisy.”

On Friday, the US was the only country to vote against the five UN resolutions. Four of the proposals were directed against Israel’s treatment of Palestinian Arabs, with one calling on companies to boycott Israel. The fifth motion was aimed at Israel’s control of the Golan Heights.

One resolution calls on member states “to take appropriate measures to ensure that businesses domiciled in their territory and/or under their jurisdiction, including those owned or controlled by them, that conduct activities in or related to the settlements, respect human rights throughout their operations, by taking all necessary steps — including by terminating their business interests in the settlements — to ensure that their activities do not have an adverse impact on the human rights of the Palestinian people.”

A report authored by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon showing apparent bias against Israel will also be delivered to the Council on Ban’s behalf, in which he calls on Israel not just to halt settlement activity, but to “reverse” it.

IDF Foils Syrian Attempt to Infiltrate Israel’s Northern Border

Regarding the fifth proposed resolution, Netanyahu said:

“Over the weekend we experienced an incident on the Golan Heights. The IDF foiled an attempt to infiltrate the border and hit those who approached the fence. We will continue to respond to any attempt to attack us and to the best of our ability, as initiated policy, we will foil these attacks before they occur. This is the essence of our ongoing policy; it works and is achieving results.”

During the UNHRC’s 25th session, it voted on only one resolution pertaining to Syria even though approximately 140,000 people have been killed during the country’s civil war – another indication of bias against israel. It is estimated that by the end of the year, four-million refugees will have been created by the humanitarian crisis, making Syrians the largest refugee population in the world.

Last Thursday, the US released its 2013 Human Rights report: Syria topped the list of offenders.

US Delegation Head Notes Distinct Bias Against Israel

Paula Schriefer, head of the US delegation to the UNHRC, criticized UNHRC Agenda Item 7, which mandates that Israel must be discussed at every meeting, a distinction no other country shares. She said the U.S. is “deeply troubled by the Council’s standalone agenda item directed against Israel and by the many repetitive and one-sided resolutions under this agenda item.”

“Only Israel, a vibrant and open democracy, received such treatment,” she stated.

Author: Gidon Ben-Zvi, contributor, United with Israel
Date: Mar. 30, 2014