In its continued war against Palestinian terrorism, the IDF closed down Palestinian printing houses in Hebron for their incitement to violence and raided several other terrorism targets.

IDF forces raided several Palestinian terrorism targets in Judea and Samaria over the weekend, uncovering weapons caches and confiscating materials used for incitement to violence against Israelis.

IDF soldiers raided and shut down on Saturday night the offices of “Infinity” and “Lamasat,” two Palestinian publishing firms in Hebron that were printing and distributing propaganda materials supporting the Hamas terror organization. The soldiers confiscated equipment during the operations.

In a similar operation last week, and as part of an ongoing effort by Israeli security forces to clamp down on Palestinian incitement, which Israel says is the driving force behind the wave of terror attacks that has claimed 21 lives, IDF forces shut down three Palestinian radio stations broadcasting out of Hebron over their incitement to terrorism against Israelis.

In Idna, a village just outside Hebron, IDF forces confiscated a number of improvised M-16 rifles.

Similarly, IDF and Border Police units arrested more terrorists and seized weapons caches on Saturday night. Eight terrorists were arrested, while dozens of pipe bombs and handguns were confiscated in Beit Ummar, and an M4 assault rifle and ammunition were found at a town near the Palestinian city of Tul-Karem.

These operations were carried out as Palestinian terrorists continued to carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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