US, Israel joint navy military patrol in the Mediterranean Sea. (US Navy) (US Navy)
US Israel navy patrol

The joint patrol is “another example of our strategic cooperation and reflects our shared efforts to maintain security and stability in the region,” the IDF stated.


The Israeli and US Navies conducted a joint security patrol in the Mediterranean Sea on Monday, another shared show of force in the region.

The Sixth Fleet’s Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey (CG-61) joined forces with two Israeli Sa’ar 4.5 frigates.

During the patrol, which served as another opportunity for cooperation between the IDF’s naval arm and the US Navy, mutual staff exchanges took place between the vessels for the purpose of learning and a cross-deck meeting of commanding officers.

The joint patrol is “another example of our strategic cooperation and reflects our shared efforts to maintain security and stability in the region,” the IDF stated.

“The joint patrols enhanced interoperability between the maritime nations through communication and command and control scenarios between the two nations, stated the US Navy.

“This is such a great opportunity because we always learn from each other and the crew and I are excited to be here!” said US Navy Capt. Joe Baggett, USS Monterey commanding officer. “We share a common purpose – increase the security and stability in the region to achieve prosperity through enduring partnerships.”

“The Israeli Navy, alongside our American counterparts, undertook a successful patrol to ensure the safety and security of Israel’s maritime borders. The Israeli Navy will continue to operate across all theaters to secure the safety of our citizens and the integrity of our sovereignty,” said IDF Navy Commander Baruch Haviv.

The U.S. and Israeli navies collaborate on a number of military exercises throughout the Mediterranean, including the recent Noble Dina, Noble Melinda, and Juniper Cobra exercise serials.

“Regional security and stability are directly linked to enhanced cooperation, understanding and collaboration with our partners,” said Baggett. “Through operations and training such as this, US and IDF enhance existing cooperative relationships and take great strides in safeguarding the region’s vital link to the global economy.”

This joint show of force took place just a week after Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jets escorted two American B-52 bombers through Israeli airspace.

“This flight is part of the joint strategic cooperation with US forces, which is pivotal in maintaining the security of Israeli and Middle Eastern skies,” the IDF stated.



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