Israeli security forces arrested an American citizen on charges of plotting terror attacks, focusing on Muslim holy sites in Israel.

A spokesman for Israel’s security forces announced Tuesday that the Shabak (Israel’s Security Agency) and police arrested Adam Everett Livvix, an American citizen from Texas, on charges of illegal possession of explosives and intent to commit terror attacks. Livvix is also wanted in the U.S. for drug-related offenses.

Livvix’s indictment chronicles a life of instability.

He arrived in Israel in 2013 and lived in Palestinian Authority (PA)-controlled Bethlehem. While residing there, he was contacted by Palestinian terrorists who tried to induce him into assassinating U.S. President Obama, who was to visit Israel, with a sniper rifle. Livvix turned down the offer.

Later on, he moved to Israel and lived there illegally for a year-and-a-half. He falsely boasted of being a member of the elite Navy SEAL unit.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Livvix was apprehended by police on November 19 while trying to flee a raid on his apartment, during which he leaped from the seventh-floor to the balcony below, where he was arrested.

Police uncovered explosives and other weapons stolen from the IDF in his apartment.

Livvix admitted during questioning to being involved in fraudulent activities and that he had plotted to commit terror attacks, focusing first on Muslim holy sites in Israel.

The FBI was updated and included in the Israeli investigation.

BBC quotes Livvix’s lawyer as saying that the Israeli authorities were exaggerating the security implications of the case.

Livvix was indicted on Monday in an Israeli court and charged with illegal possession of arms and for being an undocumented alien.

A court has ordered that Livvix be remanded in custody and sent for psychiatric assessment before entering a plea.

By: United with Israel Staff

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